Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Decor at the Brooks Household

So, it has been a busy while. Since my last post we've been in the process of redoing one of our bathrooms, working working all the time, celebrating thanksgiving with family, and wrapping presents like crazy. Much has happened, yet I haven't felt there has been much to blog about, though I am excited to share my bathroom with you once it is completed.

Usually by the first week in December I am basically finished with Christmas shopping, but this year has been a whole new ballgame. I still have yet to receive many presents in the mail, but I think they are at least all bought by now. I think. I didn't do much DIY-ing this christmas, but I will be happy to share with you all our Christmas home this year.

From our first year of marriage we have gone for a white tree, though our first one was only about 2 feet tall :) Now we have graduated to a 6 foot pre-lit tree.

Our first tree, isn't it cute! 
I don't think you can really go wrong with a Christmas tree, but there is something about the white lights with the white tree that appears so etherial and captivating to me. I also like how colorful ornaments really pop on the white tree as well. We go for the look of mix-matched ornaments rather than a themed tree. I think it's a little more personal when every ornament has a little story.

Above: This ornament was one my in-laws brought us back from their cruise to Jamaica.
Below: Our alien ornament was one of the first ornaments I didn't buy at a thrift store. I can tell through the blogosphere that you are jealous.  The 3 wise men beside it was one of Josh's favorites on his mom's tree growing up.

 This embroidered Mary and baby Jesus was made for me by my mom. When I was growing up, she had a full nativity scene that she made in High school. My sister and I expressed one year how much we loved them, and now we receive a few handmade pieces from the nativity each year.

I bought these shadow boxes at our Alco (RIP Alco :( ) a few months back, not really sure what I wanted to put in them. I decided to make them a piece that I can change out with each season. I used Christmas printables that I found off of Pinterest glued onto a thin sheet of foam, glued onto scrapbook paper and embellished with random baubles I've found at thrift stores. Here are the ones I made for Fall:

I'm not particularly fond of this retro light fixture, but for now I decided to dress it up for Christmas. I had seen versions of this on Pinterest (of course) and had some snowy branches I wasn't sure what to do with- thus, this light accessory was birthed. 

Once again, I had all of these little wooden ornaments that I collected from the thrift store. For some reason I find them adorable, so I was happy to find a unique way to display them. 

We don't have a fireplace mantle to decorate so I make pretend like our TV and entertainment center is the same thing.

I made this banner using this printable, scrapbook paper, and ric rac... that I probably got a thrift store...

We haven't reached the Christmas decorating expanse that say my mother and father have (6 christmas trees people!), but I think it all comes together nicely! I have fond memories of not just looking at decorations, but doing the decorating for the Christmas season with my family. I remember my sister and I would argue about who got to put up the Christmas village and who got to do the nativity scene. I love that I now have those memories with my husband as we argue about who gets to hang which ornament (hehe) and I'm excited to make those memories with my future chillens. 

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas tour of our home and are enjoying this holiday season! 

In His hug, 

P.S. - Patch's favorite Christmas decor is the tree too, it's the perfect spot to sleep under. She has also taken up a part time job as an elf for Santa this year. Here she is to show off her uniform. 


  1. Oh my I do love your tree. I also like differ ornaments on mine that has been given to me. I so wish I had one of Winnies

  2. Such cuteness and such a happy cat! I love your little shadow boxes--the bells finish them off perfectly!

  3. I told Brent I want some of those white trees that are just branches and prelit for the front porch. He doesn't get it. Poor man. Loved the decorations!

  4. I love your decorations and all of your ideas. You are just so creative. You know you could always do something like that for this old grandma. The shadow boxes are wonderful. Patch is just doing her job.


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