Friday, October 2, 2015

I'd Like You to Meet, Pete & Frankie

This seems to be the age of self-promotion. Everyone wants to be independent and make money in their own time and in their own way. And be wildly successful at it. I am one of those people. And I guess so is my sister.

I started my Etsy shop 7 years ago, when Etsy itself was only 1 year old. I'm basically a pioneer! Just kidding. I started out selling refinished furniture and other various crafts. It was basically my job in high school and I had so much fun with it. Through college I kind of dropped the ball, but now with more spare time on my hands, and the realization of how much I miss creativity (hence this post), I wanted to start it up again. I approached my sister, Sarah Kamolz, about joining me in this venture of rebranding ourselves and our products. Thus, Pete & Frankie's was born.

When we were kids, somehow the nicknames Pete and Frankie came about and we thought this seemed to be more of an original store name than, say, Castor Sisters or ya know, something with sisters in it...

So let me introduce you to my sister, if for some reason you don't already know her. She is the older sibling and talented photographer who took these photos of us. She was my idol growing up who grew very tired of me copying her interests in art and in other areas. I suppose now she is okay with that. I don't see it, but we get mistaken as twins often, especially when she had longer hair and I was in a straightening phase. She is pioneering through life a couple of years ahead of me and I am constantly asking her for advice. Now I am excited to share this new experience her and to see where it takes us!

For now this online shop is more of a hobby, but if it turns into something more, how exciting would that be! I don't think either of us have very specific things we want to market, unlike many of the stores featured on Etsy. For me I would like to work to find a crafty/creative area I like to hone more specifically, but for now, it may just be a smorgasbord of various items and art.

Maybe it seems a little crazy to think you can make a career out of crafting, but somehow, real people do it every day! To be honest, I hate promoting myself. I feel very silly and almost like I'm full of myself to think people might actually be interested in my life or something I make, but shoot. If you aren't interested you don't have to read, right? Maybe it will stay just a hobby, but you never know, and how can you know if you don't try? I feel like my parents always taught us that we can do anything we want to in life, and I want to instill that in my own children one day- to not be afraid to go after those things. So here is us doing that. 

And with that, why don't you check out our store! We both are interested in doing any free-lance work as well, if you are interested.  If you feel us worth it, we would so appreciate your promoting us as well, whether it be on social media or by word-of-mouth. 

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  1. WooHoo. You girls look great. I guess I will go to your store.


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