Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Dark Day my MacBook Pro Died

I bought ol' Maccy my senior year of high school with my scholarship money I got from the art show. It was probably the nicest laptop I will ever own. I splurged because I was going to need it for the supposed graphic design career I was going to have. It has been a good laptop, faithful throughout my college career. 

At the end, it's screen was severely cracked (I'm guessing the result of a dog pounce), it turned off immediately when unplugged from the charge cord, and the mouse hadn't worked for several years. 

I don't know what the future holds for me. I'm pretty attached to Mac products now, but am unsure if I want to spend that much on a laptop again. 

What saddens me most of all is the loss of the memories it held. Every photo from the last 6 years was on there as well as all of those college papers. I will probably never use them again but you never know. And darn it I just updated my address book on there. I'm holding out hope that the dudes at Apple can work some magic with my hard drive- I would probably be willing to pay some big bucks for that. 

Maccy, you will be greatly missed. I knew you were in failing health for a long time now, but I was in denial, and for that I'm sorry I didn't get you the help you needed sooner. 

Friends, I don't want you to face the same sad fate as myself. Please. Back up your files with a hard drive. I am thankful for the dependency of the Internet, in that I have downloaded so many photos on one website or another, so for that, I am thankful. 

In lieu of flowers, I will be accepting any photos of me you may have acquired within the last 6 years, thank you for your emotional, and technical support in this difficult time. Thank you.

In His hug, 


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