Friday, July 11, 2014

Purple and Orange Kitty-Cat Tigers

This week I helped lead music at our church's VBS (Discover, decide, defend!). I can't help but laugh at all the silly things that little kids do and say. I miss having that innocence and imagination, which is probably why I strive to hold onto it through hours of Disney movie watching and taking advantage of bouncy houses as a 22 year old. I deeply regret not taking Peter Pan up on his offer to stay in Neverland and to never grow up.

When I was little, I was obsessed with the colors orange and purple. I mean what better of a color combination is there? And on top of that, I was obsessed with Tigers. Thus the purple and orange kitty-cat tiger was created in my little imagination. I talked about it all the time, colored them on everything, my mom even made me a purple and orange quilt for my dolls.

Because of this obsession I began praying to God that He would send a momma tiger to leave it's baby tiger in the tree in our backyard. I'm not sure why I thought that a momma tiger abandoning her cub was such a good idea, but I just knew that I would be such a good caretaker of it. Though this obviously never happened, I continued to pray and really and truly believed that someday it would happen.

I wanted this to be my life, but with tigers...

Now I am aware of all of these conservatories (this link is to one in the great state of OK) that let you come and play and pet baby animals INCLUDING baby tigers. I am still waiting on someone to gift me with this (hint, hint).

What were some funny things that you thought of as a child? What are some funny things your kids do?
 In His hug,


  1. Mindy always prayed that God would let her grow up to be a kitten.

    1. I bet God just sits back and chuckles at all of the funny prayers that little kids pray.


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