Monday, July 14, 2014

These are a Few of My Favorite Things: French Girls (it's not what it sounds like)

Mondays. Poor Mondays. They always get the stigma of being the worst day of the week. Sometimes this can be true, but personally I think it's more of a bad attitude issue than that Mondays are really that bad. Also I think if you are in a bad mood (which you kind of put yourself in if you just already assume your day is going to be bad), things will go wrong just because you're expecting them to. I don't believe in Karma, but I do think that a bad attitude can effect your outlook on your day to day life. Just like a positive one can really turn things around.

That being said, I wanted to turn Mondays into a positive day by creating a series I will post every Monday (hopefully.) of my favorite things. Maybe some of these are already your favorite things, or maybe they will be completely new to you. Either way, I hope it reminds you to find joy in the small things in life and maybe expand on or relish in your favorite things rather than dwelling on the things that aren't so favorite.

Today I will start out with this new app I discovered (because I'm sure I was the first one to find it. Everyone probably already has it, really). It is called French Girls. A quirky play on words from the infamous line in Titanic, "draw me like one of your french girls..." ooh la-la!
I also enjoy weirdness, and this red-haired fellow is pretty wierd...

I have wasted spent a lot of precious time as this app has become one of my new favorites (hence why it is the beginning of my favorite things posts). With this app you shamelessly take a selfie, submit it, and wait for someone to draw you! Some are amazing, some are creatively not what you expected at all, and some are just plain bad.

Let me stop right here and warn you that, as is everything on the interwebs, people can be inappropriate. That means you may possibly see drawings of unfortunate body parts and of naughty words. If that puts you off, you may choose not to partake in the fun that is this app. However, this app does give you the ability to flag drawings you believe to be inappropriate.

And did I mention this app is free? Because it is. So if you try it and don't like it, no harm no foul. At least you didn't spend $.99 on it, right? Now you can choose to buy more colors, but I'm content with the ones it provides.

Anyways, here are some selfies that I submitted. Kind of embarrassing. I feel the need to explain that I do not regularly have this amount of selfies on my phone's photo album. These selfies were taken purely for the research purposes of getting the best drawing of myself for this post. (I'm totally doing more though).
This was the first one I did. I didn't realize my curly hair was so representative of a sheep- and a yellow sheep at that!
This next one was a little nicer :) Thank you, stranger!

I mean let's be honest, we all want the really good creative people to draw our photos, not the people who don't try and just draw hair. So I submitted several in a row. More exposure that way. And who cares how dumb you look, you don't know these people, right?

As you might have guessed, I was starting to run out of selfie ideas...

Even Joshy joined in on the selfie fun! hehe
And don't just sit back and let people draw you, let your creative juices flow and draw a few yourself! You don't have to be great at it, just be as creative or as silly as you want! Here are some of the ones I created.

Beautiful, no? Some people get really serious about it, but that's what makes it more enjoyable to look at! It is like looking through a selfie art gallery! (I'm convinced some of these people use their iPads and stylists) Here are some of my favorite ones people have submitted! 

So why is this new app one of my favorite things? Besides that it is just silly and fun, I love the creativity that people bring to it. I love seeing the different perspectives that people have when it comes to a subject. Yes it is just a phone app, but I really believe art can be whatever you want it to be. 
I hope you enjoyed the first installment of my favorite things! Sorry this one was kind of long! Probably most of my favorite things posts won't be this lengthy. I'd love to see the selfie art that you create or are created of you with this app! 
In His hug, 

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