Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Manic Mondays and A Little Road Trip for Your Troubles

Life has been really weird these past couple of months. Not a bad weird necessarily just strange. Josh and I have said how we both just feel in a really strange limbo of waiting. For most of the summer it was waiting for me to be able to take my test and to start working. For the whole summer and for we're not really sure how much longer, it's waiting to have a home and feel settled in this new place. I knew it would be weird to not be in college anymore or in any kind of school for that matter, but it really is. So. Weird. I thought I would feel more official and accomplished. I did for about five minutes and now I just still feel like an idiot having no idea what I'm doing most of the time. Being new at things just stinks, but please refrain from welcoming me to adulthood in a passive aggressive manner. 

So on my days off we have been doing a lot of celebrating of changes and of the new adventures to take place. Probably a little too much, but hey, YOLO (just kidding). So today for Josh's "lunch break" we took a little road trip to Canadian, TX to eat at the Cattleman Exchange and roam around the town for a bit. We said it'd be nice to eat something different, and then Josh laughs at me because I still got a Chile Rellano even though we're at a steakhouse.

Oh, you see that lovely duct tape on Josh's glasses? Yes, they were broken for a third time performing a youth pastor's duties. Comes with the territory I guess.

Have you heard about our scorpion incident? The other night in dead sleep I was awoken by a hollering, jumping Josh to see a scorpion crawling across our bed. It had apparently stung his foot. It climbed up on to our ceiling and Josh smashed it with the swiffer mop. I didn't measure it but it was at least three inches long. We knew it was dead but it was hard to fall asleep after that! Even though scorpions are less poisonous than our other creepy crawler visitors at the lodge, they are the grossest in my opinion.

As far as my favorite things go since I missed Monday, I guess one of my favorite things is to take outings and spend time in the car with my husband. We always laugh a lot and I love to hear him talk about all of the things he has been reading including new technology and political stuff I'm not in to. 

He is also one of my favorite things, for sure.

 In His hug, 


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