Monday, August 11, 2014

These are a Few of My Favorite things

I've been having writers block, blogging block, creative block, common sense block. Ever since my constant studying was able to cease, my brain feels a little squishier than it's previous stiffened, anxious state. 

Yes, I have many a favorite thing, but today I just can't seem to narrow it down to describing just one. So here's a little listy list of a few little things that bring me joy when they come my way:

-pink grapefruit scented soaps and lotions
-handy dandy phone apps that prevent me from carrying around my luggage sized purse everywhere
-not studying
-people with great hospitality
-a clean car
-when I know the answers to people's health related questions
-finally being paid for what I've been working towards the past 4 years
-concerts and watching people have fun and dance without a care
-the occasional white chocolate hot espresso coffee drink from Starbucks
-not having to study
-dark chocolate covered pomegranate candies
-the Gilmore Girls
-the song, "Rich Girl" by Hall and Oats
-when the youth are really interested in a lesson Josh is teaching
-and not studying anymore

-this isn't the best picture, but it cracks me up. What could they all be so interested in? She is also one of my favorite things.

Life just seems to have a habit of quickly relieving you of one stressful event only to put you right back at the bottom rung of newness and uncertainty, but I am okay with that because I am so thankful I have come this far and have more goals to obtain and the creation of new goals. I'm thankful for an interesting life and a purpose in all that I do.

Now enough with this rambling. I've been pleading Josh to post again. Maybe it would help if you had some writing prompts for him? Hope your Monday was filled with joy and gratitude and hopefully one of your favorite things as well. 

In His hug, 

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  1. Writing prompt for Josh--my inlaws are the greatest because...."


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