Monday, August 4, 2014

These are a Few of My Favorite Things: Hipstamatic Camera App

How many people even buy cameras anymore unless they are like, photographers? Or bring them with them on vacations? I still do, and i love the quality of pictures my regular camera takes, but the convenience of a camera on your phone is just too...well... convenient! But then there's the fact that sometimes photos from our phones are rather unfortunately sucky blurry.

Even though the quality of our phone's camera lenses may not be the best we can still fake it with all of the apps that are available to us and allow us to change settings. My favorite camera app to use is not a new one, but it's still a goodie: Hipstamatic.

My first year of college I still had a little flippy phone and Josh had just gotten the iPhone. I begged him to get the Hipstamatic app so that I could use it! Before Instagram was even a thing (although I too love Instagram), Hipstamatic was already setting trends with it's square photos. It's a little pricy for those of us who stick to our free apps, but to me it was totally worth the $1.99 that it cost.

It has a lot of fun lenses, flashes, and films that you can experiment with. My favorite combo is the John S lens with Ina's 1969 film, but there are plenty more free choices and then a few packs that you can purchase.

A lot of my photos I post on this blog are taken with my Hipstamatic app and here are some examples of my favorites over the years that I have had it:

This is one of the first pictures I took with it. Not necessarily a great photo, but it does a good job of capturing what light is available.
I favor the particular settings that I use because I really like the dramatic lighting and colors that come to life through this lens and the vintage border that the film frames the photos in.
This was in Boston at the entrance of an aquarium, I just barely missed the sea lion swimming by.
Again in Boston.
This was taken of some pretty girls in Kenya.
This picture always makes me chuckle. The little boy on the right was clearly happy to see us with that sweet smile on his face while the little girl began crying after I took this.
This was taken on Josh and I's honeymoon in the Bahamas. This is with a lens that doesn't darken colors quite as much, but still captures small detail fairly well.
This was taken at the Atlantis resort looking through an aquarium up to one of their recognizable buildings.
I think this is another good example of how it does well with low lighting. Most aquariums are pretty dark, but the camera captured the lighting well enough so that the photo looks sharp instead of blurry.
This was taken on a Colorado camping road trip Josh and I took. Sadly I took very few photos with this app during that trip, but I love how it captured the smoke coming off of the fire in this one.
A particular subject that frequents my photos.
Disney World!
Again, not a lot of good lighting, but turned out to be a pretty decent photo. That's not to say you may not have to take a couple of shots to get one that is sharp, but still, in my opinion, better than a photo you could've taken with just the camera app that your phone provides.
Do you see why I love this app? Do you love it, too? I'm so glad you do! The website even does little photo contests you can enter and allows you a means to print your Hipstamatic photos as well! I have printed some and they turn out to be pretty high quality for phone pics! I hope you enjoyed hearing about one of my favorite things and I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

In His hug, 

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  1. I enjoy reading about your favorite things and the pictures were great.. Happy Tuesday.


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