Monday, September 29, 2014

These are a Few of my Favorite Things: Beyond Bible Devotion App

I grew up in church, and therefore I grew up learning the importance of spending daily time in God's word, also known as a "quiet time". If you are a new christian or a christian who has never put this into practice, I urge you to do so. Quiet times are so vital to your walk as a christian, not to mention that for me it is in every possible way, my "daily bread". I feel as though I'm literally being fed and prepared for my day when I start it with some personal time with God.

All throughout High school I went through seasons where I was really consistent and then times when I wasn't. Spending time in God's word was more of something that made me feel like I was being a better christian than something that was really doing me good. (Note: I do not think it is a bad thing necessarily to begin quiet times that way as long as that is not the reason you are doing them for the rest of your life. Either way it is a good habit to form and sometimes it takes just forming a habit to realize how vital something is for you). I thought that surely when I was in college and more mature, this habit would better establish itself. For the first few years it was at the same pace. Then when I began nursing school, I am not afraid to be honest and admit to you that my quiet times were almost non-existent for those two years. I bet I averaged one every 2 months or so. There would be possibly a couple of weeks mixed in there where I would start a good pace and then it would just fall apart.

Looking back I think I was trying to be too ambitious with them. I thought to myself, I am pretty mature in my christian walk, I should be having 30 minute quiet times at least, reading several chapters of the Bible at a time. If you do that, many claps for you! Really, I mean it! I hope to eventually be there, but right now I am just not. That being said, it is okay to start small! And that's what I have came to realize within the last couple of months.

Now enter Beyond Bible Devotion App. I have heard of lots of people using it, but it has definitely become one of my favorite things and thought it deserved an entry of it's own.

This app has completely revolutionized my quiet times. Sadly, I am attached enough to my phone that I always have it with me, so if I forgot to read it when I was getting ready, I can quickly do it at work. It's fairly short, but long enough to provoke some good thoughts. It is $2.99, which to me was well worth it considering I would regularly spend more than that on a devotional book.

The writer of these devotions is also realistic. I find that some devotionals are all about the love, which is great, but to grow as a christian you need to be challenged as well.

I'm so thankful for this app and how much it has jumpstarted my individual time with God. If you are finding your quiet times lackluster, don't keep trying at the same old thing and don't try with something too ambitious that you are quickly burnt out and decide not to do anything at all like I did. It's okay to start simple. God just wants time with you and with only you. Bible study groups are great and being involved in church is equally great, but God also desires some time with only you.

Today is a new day, and a great day to start something new. I hope you have a great week and that God reveals himself to you in an awesome way.

In His hug,

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