Wednesday, October 8, 2014

These are a Few of My Favorite Things: Fall Break

Next week is the infamous fall break! For some, it means a break from school. For my family, it means campfires, fishing, s'mores, frito chili pie, and lots of board games. Since I can remember my mom's side of the family has gathered at some lake in our campers and tents to spend the break together. When I was in middle school I would often extend my fall break and skip school on Wednesday so I could go early. With my parent's permission. Obviously.

A lot of my grandparents friends would join as well (in truth they started it and my family just joined in). Myself and the other grandkids would ride our bikes around the lake exploring and then return to someone's camper for trail mix and a juvenile poker game. It was awesome. And it still is awesome.

Sure, we've skipped a few years here and there, but magically I somehow managed to be off work for fall break in my first year as a working girl. God knew I desperately needed fall break. Thank you, God!

I think I'm progressively looking cooler in these pictures. 
We started out going to Canton Lake every year. One of my favorite things to do was to go into Canton with my Grandma and go in all of the little stores and buy useless things. I remember specifically buying one of those little velveteen bears that matches your birthstone and one of those add water and it grows into a larger dinosaur and claiming it was basically the same as catching another fish.

Miracles always happen over fall break. One being the time I caught to fish on my fishing pole whilst sleeping in the back of the boat. Another being the many times someone had to be rescued from a sinking boat, but I won't go into those stories. One more was the time a friend and I thought we discovered the longest snake ever on a beach where the water had collected from the lake being low. We hurried back to show our families our discovery only to bring them and discover that the water was just full of walleye's that had gotten trapped there when the water went out.

The past couple of years we've had to congregate to different lakes because of the tornado that went through Canton. This year we are gathering at Ft. Supply and sad about the family members that can't join, they will be greatly missed.  Now who will bring the peep's for roasting?

I love s'mores. I love to spend those days in jeans and sweat shirts. I wierdly love the memories of washing off the day in the communal showers with a bunch of spiders. I love the smell of campfire smoke with a cold nose. I love the feeling of being all snuggled up in a tent while being aware of how cold it will be when you take your blankets off. I love walking along the lake shore to see what oddities you can discover. A dead fish was always a score as a kid. I love that Josh now partakes in this tradition with me. And by the way, I love getting to spend that time with family. I LOVE FALL BREAK. 

In His hug,


  1. Rub it in why don't you. So very sad we won't be there

    1. You guys can't come either!?! Rats!

    2. I LOVE FALL BREAK TOO!!! For many of the same reasons! So excited!

  2. And the time you lost the net but someone caught it on their fish line....Such fun times we have had. I wish we could all be together. These pictures made me cry at how fast everyone is growing up and I am getting old. Should I dye my hair again? Who is holding Logan?

  3. I think you should just join me at fort Cobb


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