Monday, January 5, 2015

These are a Few of My Favorite Things: Holidays... And days and days...

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm experiencing the post-holiday blues. Any one else out there with me? I mean I may be convinced that Christmas didn't even happen if it weren't for the pictures I took as proof. It went by sooo fast!

I build up the holidays so much in my head to the point that they are almost disappointing when they are over. I really need to stop that. 

Why does the most wonderful time of the year have to be done so quickly? I think if I can convince Josh, I may try to hype up the rest of the holidays this year to make up for my sadness. Hobby Lobby count me in on buying all of your seasonal decorations. Have some shamrock earrings? You bet your going to find me wearing some. Easter dress? I've been slacking on that and I plan on being all over it this year. Maybe I'll even get a bonnet. MAYBE if you come by my house I will entice you with a sporadic Easter egg hunt. You may say, "Molly you are going to wear yourself out." But I say, "challenge accepted!"

I'm kind of becoming an over-celebrator anyways. I guess this could be closely related to my choosing joy resolution as well. People complain about Pinterest making Holidays and events too ambitious with all of the crafts, decorating and baking ideas, but I disagree. As long as you're having fun, live it on up! Who cares if your one year old really could care less about thier birthday theme and whether or not they have a photo booth. If it's fun for you and the people that celebrate with you then that's all that matters! People can be too Scrooge-y about things, especially the older you get. If you ever ask me if I'm too old to enjoy something anymore, the answer is a big fat NO. 

That is precisely why my sister got me mermaid and unicorn cookie cutters for Christmas and a big motivator in why we finally got a puppy when we did. Even when we had dogs I think every kid secretly wishes they are getting a new puppy for Christmas. Well, count my wish fulfilled! 

So people, please don't rain on my parade anymore. Life has too many downs as it is, if you give me a reason to celebrate, heck I'm celebrating it, even if it is Columbus Day.

I guess I need to get busy figuring out when Pancake Day is! 

In His hug, 

Disclaimer: I ask that I not be held accountable for any Holidays I may or may not forget/decide not to celebrate. This is not, I repeat, is not a resolution. Thank you. 


  1. I certainly won't keep you from celebrating. BTW the 19th is the next holiday. Martin Luther King and the February 2 is Ground Hog day, Feb 14 is Valentines, I have this cheat sheet that tells it all. You go Girl.

  2. Oh good grief! Just kidding. I never knew you secretly wanted a puppy for Christmas! Not that you would have gotten one.... Thank for all your family Christmas pictures! Love them. And you! Party on!


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