Saturday, September 12, 2015


In my family we grew up going to garage sales every Saturday morning. We carefully dug through thrift store bins and tip toed through antique stores as to not knock over any of the cramped shelving with carefully placed items piled on top of each other. So you could say we like "junk" and apparently, so does Oklahoma! I came across this event on Facebook that happened to be on my off weekend and quickly spread the news that we must attend!

My sister, her daughter, and Grandma Marilyn were able to go with me and we gal-palled up to the city in an empty vehicle the night before. The event was a lot of fun and very well put together. (And how have we been missing this event for the last 25 years?!)

Surprisingly, I didn't come home with as much junk as I was expecting, but many homemade items from various vendors. I love the originality and authenticity that goes with buying homemade so I thought I would share the treasures I purchased. 

My sister and I both purchased matching Oklahoma pillows from the main store that hosts this event, The Old Store located at 100 Monroe Ave. in Piedmont. It is open in regular business hours and has lots of great items from awesome junk to antiques and redone furniture as well as various homemade crafts. 

I'm always keeping my eyes out for neat frames at a good price. I bought this one
to frame this artwork I bought from Joss & Main that I thought would appear bigger than it did. I wanted an oversized frame to take up more space on the wall, the frame ended up being a little too small for what I had in mind but I'm sure I will find use for it. 

Lately I have been loving studs! So when I found this booth with 2 for $5 I was all over it! Studs are great to add some style with my boring scrubs without hanging down in the way. And hello, there is a unicorn pair!

These kitschy barrets were at the same booth. I don't really wear barrets but I mean, obviously I had to have them?! This sweet shop owner also has a lot more precious items for sale, you can sneak a peak of them here-

I also got this sunburn at Junklahoma. Can you guess where my purse strap was? 
This lacy top I scored in The Old Store for $8 and the Kimono was another handmade item by the Junk Trunk Divas. You can check them out on 

And last but not least, my favorite purchase was this nifty Bluetooth speaker! It was by far the priciest item I bought, but I love it! I'm always telling Josh how I wish we could put speakers throughout our whole house to play music through. Obviously, I need a few more to make my dream come true, but this is a good step. 

You can find these speakers at 

So I thought about writing a shpeal about the importance of buying handmade/ repurposed, but I'm not feeling political so here it is: Buy handmade items! It's good for the economy, and, and... and the WORLD! so there you go.

In other news, I'm trying to decide on a song to sing at church tomorrow, anyone have any ideas? Have a happy Sunday tomorrow, all!

In His hug,

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