Saturday, October 24, 2015

When You're in a Long Line for Security at The Airport

Our flight leaves in an hour and we are still in line for security with no end in sight. NBD. But I'm pretty heartbroken to be leaving anyways. They offered us 800 euros each to stay one more night because, what do ya know, they overbooked the flight. Josh said no though, heh. So in lieu of boredom, here are some pictures from my phone! 
Everything is pretty, even the spice displays. 

Love, love, love Burano. 
A little Aqua Alta in San Marco's Square in Venice. 
Gnocchi- my new favorite Pasta! 
You just HAVE to ride a Gondola in Venice. 
Ponte Vecchio view from the Piazzele Michaelangelo in Florence. 
Looking up in the Duomo. 
Because food is awesome.
Touring ancient Roman Ruins. In the U.S. Just one of these pillars from like 100-300 A.D. would probably be carefully displayed in a glass case so no one could touch it. Here they just have so much history they don't even know what to do with it so it is in this pile out in the elements behind this "scary" fence. 
This church was built in the place in which Paul was executed and now his remains are here as well. 
And now I will finish as I "only" have three more lines until I reach the security checkpoint. Many more pictures to come from my other camera, but this will do for now. Ciao! 

In His hug, 

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