Monday, December 7, 2015

These are a Few of my Favorite Things: Christmas Ornaments

Because, who doesn't like Christmas ornaments? As I shared in this post last year, we don't do the whole themed tree thing. We like a variation in ornaments, although, when I'm buying new ones, I do try to go for ones that kind of go, ya know, colorful and glitzy pretty much. We were blessed to get to go to many places this year- Alaska and Italy were perfection- thus we got to pick up some more ornaments for our kitschy tree. 

This Leonardo was picked up at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy this year! I almost didn't get him (little pricy), but I didn't find many other Italy specific ornaments on our trip and I'm so glad Josh talked me into going ahead and getting them!

We got this ornament last year to commemorate purchasing our first home! I can't believe we have been here for over a year! I STILL can't believe I'm actually responsible for adult things! Do you ever get used to it? 

This ornament was purchased at Disney World last summer. It has a little switch on the bottom to turn on it's color changing LED light. It reminds me of the Light show on Cinderella's castle that I LOVED (and might have cried during).

Michelangelo was also picked up at the Uffizi.

This sweet little eskimo was brought home from Alaska. She had a little bear friend that traveled on our tree in his little canoe. Unfortunately, penny dog took him as one of her victims in her ornament massacre. We also lost a snowman and a santa. It was tragic. Otherwise she surprisingly leaves the tree alone, I figured it would have been toppled over by now! 

Speaking of, we will have almost had her a year. I still can't wrap my head around how small she was when we got her. She's not huge by any means, but compared to the runt she was... it's crazy! 

Happy Monday, all! 

In His hug, 

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